Diameter: A line segment that passes through the center and has its endpoints on the circle.
Radius: A line segment that starts at the center and stops at the endpoint of the circle.
Let's remember the difference between finding the area of the circle
(what is inside) and the circumference of the circle
(the distance around the circle).
The value of π is approximately 3.14



Let's look at the circle properties: 

The area of the sector follows the same formula than the area but you have to find the central angle and divide it by 360. You are just getting a piece of the area.

The arc of the circle is the same formula as the circumference but you have to divide the central angle by 360.



Let's say you have a circle with a center of (-3,5)

and a radius of 6 units. Let's graph the circle and find its standard and general form. 


Let's say you have a

circle with

a center of (-3,5)

and a radius of 6 units. 

Let's Practice

Area of Sector

The Circle (Advance) 

The Arc of the Circle

The Circle Standard and General Form