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There are 4 sections for the math section of the PSAT®

1) Heart of Algebra 

2) Passport to Advance Math 

3) Problem Solving and Data Analysis 

4) Advance Topics 

The new PSAT® has 2 Math Sections: 

The score ranges from 320-1520


55 minutes

38 questions

NO Calculator

25 minutes 

20 questions

Heart of Algebra

Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities

Interpret linear functions with words problems

Linear Equation and Inequalities word problems 

Graphing linear equations

System of equations linear equations and inequalities 

Word problems with system of equations

Passport to Advance Math

Solving Quadratic Equations

Interpret non-linear expressions 

Quadratic and Exponential word problems 

Quadratic and Exponential expressions

Radical and Rational Expressions


Functions notation

Problem solving and Data Analysis

Ratios, rates and proportions 

Percent (basic and word problems)


Table data 


Linear VS. Exponential growth 

Central measuraments (Mean, mode, median)

Data analysis

Advance Topics

Volume word problems

Right Triangles word problems

Similar shapes

Basic of trigonometry

Circle theorems and equations 

Complex numbers